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Also known as Pekin nightingale, Japanese nightingale, and Japanese (hill) robin, the Pekin Robins are small olive-grey babblers with forked tail, red bill, yellow throat, orange-yellow breast, and red to yellow wing markings. It is a Passeriformes (perching birds) Family of Timaliidae, the babblers. The Pekin Robin is a smaller bird and when grown reaches about 6 inches in length.

Geography: Native to southern China and the Himalayas.

Diet: Insects, Pekin robins require a diet rich in insects – they cannot crack or grind seeds.  A good insectivorous bird mix should form the base of their diet. Small cricketsmealwormswaxworms and wild-caught insects are all relished, berries, Australian Blend Goldenfeast, soft bill food


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