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Crimson-bellied conures are birds of the parrot family found in South America. They make excellent pets because of their gentle disposition, lively personality, friendly behavior and not being overly loud.

These playful, cuddly and affectionate little parrots are one of the best and most popular representatives of the Conure family. One of the cuddlier conures, these affectionate parrots will love to bond and snuggle with their favorite person in the house.

Crimson-bellied Conures are generally quiet and they are usually only vocal when excited. They quickly grow confiding. These are lively and active conures that enjoy flying about, so plenty of space should be provided. They tend to be hardy and are not as susceptible to diseases as some other bird species are, especially when provided good nutrition and suitable environment. They enjoy bathing often. The chewing requirement varies from pair to pair. It is important to provide a regular supply of fresh branches to satisfy their chewing urges as well as to provide entertainment. They are not usually aggressive to other birds.

The vividly colored Crimson-bellied Conure is a playful bird, and can easily be trained to do tricks and maybe even to speak a few words. Even though Crimson-bellied Conures are comparatively quieter than other conures

Crimson-bellied Conures are also popular among pet owners due to their stunning red chest, abdomen and under coverts of wings. They have a greenish-blue back a red tail, dark beak and feet and scaling on the neck. Yellow or green cheeks, with blue tinges on the face, head, neck, and blue on the legs and vent area.

This species of birds make excellent pets. They are slightly more independent and dominant than the Green-Cheeks, but if you can put up with their attitude, they are one of the most comical conures out there. They can learn to talk moderately, and imitate sounds and other calls.

Sexing: Undeterminable by appearance. Males and females look alike. DNA or sexing is recommended.

Size: 9.5 inches or 24 cm in length

Adult Weight: 2.8 – 3.3 oz (79 – 94 grams)

Average Lifespan: 20 years

Their calls – contact and those made in flight – are loud and shrill

They should be provided with plenty of fruit, vegetables and greenfood; as well as a regular supply of branches with flowers and buds. A good quality seed mix of safflower, oats, some sunflower, hemp, buckwheat, millets, canary seed and rowan berries should be available at all times. They also enjoy millet spray and should have access to mineral and vitamin supplements.


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