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For Sale (Falco peregrinus peregrinator) is a non-migratory subspecies of the peregrine found mainly in the Indian subcontinent. Other common names for the subspecies include the black shaheen and Indian peregrine falcon. This species was termed the black shaheen by falconers to separate it from the true shaheen of Persian literature. Scholars of Persian and the Russian ornithologist Georgi Petrovich Dementiev have noted that the name shaheen in Persian literature actually referred to Falco peregrinus babylonicus.

Peregrine Falcon or Shaheen Falcon is a powerful and alert bird with broad shoulders, black head, nape, and conspicuous moustachial stripes; throat and breast are white and rest of the parts ferruginous. Female is larger, remains solitary or pairs on cliffs, rock pinnacles, above hill forts, etc.

In comparison to Saker Falcon, Shaheen is very exacting in its demands. Shaheen does not undergo the rigours of desert. Its feathers get easily broke and they quickly loose their luster and bloom in the hot climate. It needs careful feeding on natural food and is unable to keep fit on the red meat which is good for Saker Falcon.


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