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Egg make excellent for those who committ to providing excellent quality care for their pets. also, ave plenty of free time to spend with them. These are friendly, funny, affectionate birds.

Rainbow Lorikeets are found in Australian mainly in northern and eastern areas. Their habitat are wet sclerophyll forest, rainforest, coastal forests, suburbs and  urban areas with trees. They can also be found in Indonesia, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. They have been introduced into Perth and a well establish population has occur.

Typically bond strongly to their owners, so it is important for those who want a Rainbow Lorikeet to realize that adopting one of these birds means committing to 20+ years of daily interaction.

Lorikeets being especially messy due to their liquid-based diets. When choosing a location for a Lorikeet’s cage, it’s important to take this into consideration. Place the cage in an area where there is no carpet and where the floors and walls can be easily wiped clean.

Thankfully, Rainbow Lorikeets are very intelligent birds and can be easy “potty trained” if an owner so chooses. We have a lot of variation of rainbow lorikeet price. Have look on our Store.


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