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Eggs is one of nature’s swiftest and most beautiful birds of. Its name comes from the Latin word peregrinus, meaning “foreigner” or “traveler.” This impressive bird has long been note for its speed, grace, and aerial skills.

Three subspecies of the peregrine falcon inhabit North America: the American (Falco peregrinus anatum), Arctic (Falco peregrinus tundrius), and Peale’s (Falco peregrinus pealei). Peregrine falcons are roughly crow-size-about 15 to 21 inches long-with a wingspan of about 40 inches. Adults have slate blue-gray wings and backs bar with black; pale undersides; white faces with a black stripe on each cheek; and large, dark eyes. Younger birds are darker below and browner.

Best breeders of Falcon Eggs and birds in the market. We sell very fertile candle-lit Falcon eggs with worldwide shipping. All our eggs are collect from very healthy birds in our Aviary, candle test and 100% confirm fertile for hatching healthy babies. We are now taking orders from those who are interest in raising up their own falcon baby birds from the falcon eggs stage. It’s fun hatching your own baby(ies) from eggs and we will assist you in any way to hatch out your birds successfully.

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Falcon, Gyrfalcon, Northern goshawk Falcon, Peregrine Falcon, Winged Predators Falcon


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